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Another great San Diego Comic Con come and gone. I’ve been doing this convention for a long time now and I never get tired of it. I have heard the complaints that it’s too big, too many people, etc. etc. but the way I look at the whole thing is it’s one big party, like the Superbowl. It happens once a year and you can only have fun. Which we did this year! Got to bring new people to the convention, and old friends as well.

I was there Wednesday through Sunday again and we threw and awesome mixer party with the NewSchool of Architecture and Design at the WonderBread factory on Friday night. This was right in the middle of the ArtEXPO SD event and we gave away great prizes from and other great vendors. I also gave away a 1 year free subscription to the Adobe Creative cloud that Ray Navareette won. Congrats! I would like to thank the NewSchool and Linda Sellheim, Raul Moreno and everyone else at the school who went out of their way to make this event awesome. (check out the photos below).

We also go to do our Full-Time Creative Work on a Part-Time Schedule panel Sunday afternoon for the fifth year in a row. Joining me on the panel was Dr. Ron Coleman (as the moderator), Mario Martinez, Cat Smith, Dr. Heather Joseph-Whitman, Aleister Gilgrim, Topher Davila, Chris Dickens and Brendan Creecy. We had a huge turn out with over 250 in attendance for the last panel of the con! I would like to congratulate Kathy Schoeppner for winning the subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud at the panel.

I am looking forward to next year and all the other conventions that fall between the big one. We have some great stuff planned for 2015!


Come check it out if you are in San Diego for the convention, and if not we spun this out into a monthly meetup as well (link is below). 

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Full Time Creative Work on Part Time Schedule
Sunday, July 27
Room: 24ABC 4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.

Having a goal, a good idea, discipline and skills is only the start of what you need for your project to succeed. Knowing the basics of group dynamics, forming then working with a group without mortally wounding each other is THE difference between your projects success or failure. This panel is the one stop place to learn the 101’s of those topics. No matter which industry (comics, illustration, movies, design, animation or costuming / cosplay), “breaking in” has never been more apt a term than in today’s media. It is a full-time job and you only have part-time hours to accomplish it. To be completely honest most of achieving your goals rests with someone(‘s) helping you and each other with the skills, training or talents any one individual doesn’t have. Topics that will be covered will pertain to ANY group with a goal from hobbist to professional purposes as well as any interest of geek or creative culture. Though topics cover a myriad of organizational subjects, usually the focus stems from: tips and pitfalls, different kinds of leadership that matches your group, importance of starting everyone on the same page and how to keep everyone there, a variety of angles on deadlines and work environments. The panelists have been specifically chosen to represent a broad cross section of levels of authority, departments, media, work pipelines and sizes of organizations so as to talk touch on a variety of topics and more importantly to answer questions specific to your projects – whatever media or goal you are working in. To accomplish this diversity the panelists also come from a variety of media including: illustration, writing, design, animation, podcasting, and live action filming.



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Author: Sean Glumace

Sean Glumace been a graphic and web designer, WordPress instructor, design teacher, comic book letterer and all around creative person for the past two decades.

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