Joe the Monk – Reintroductions – Comic Strip #1

The return of Joe the Monk and Friends. Almost 15 years ago I created a quick little comic strip about a monk called Joe and all his friends. It was fun, and he made a few appearances in my other comic books I did at the time and in some bad photo copied issues of his own that I gave out at our tables each year.

Fast forward 15 years and I have been cleaning out all the artwork and design pieces I have done in my career and I find a treasure trove of Joe the Monk strips and comics. So what should I do with all of these wonderful pieces of art history, why post them on the internet for all to see!

So as I scan them and clean them up (yes they were hand done) I will post a new one here whenever I get around to it. I will keep them in order, starting with the first of the comic strips (these came after the photocopied books) called Reintroductions.


Click on the strip to view the larger version…

Joe the Monk - Reintroductions - Comic Strip 1

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Author: Sean Glumace

Sean Glumace been a graphic and web designer, WordPress instructor, design teacher, comic book letterer and all around creative person for the past two decades.

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