GoGirl Issue #1

GoGirl Issue #1 published by Image Comics . Written by Trina Robbins, Artwork by Anne Timmons. I lettered, typeset, designed and did all the prepress work on the book.

Publisher: Image
Published: August 2000, Original Cover Price: $3.50
(w) Trina Robbins (A) Anne Timmons (L) Sean Glumace (C) Christopher Butcher THIS IS THE BOOK THE FANS DEMANDED! Before its publication date, GoGirl! generated enormous buzz on the internet in the form of interviews and rave advance reviews. Excited fans couldn’t wait to buy it and read it. But evidently direct-sales retailers don’t surf the net. Low advance orders made our original plans for a full-color book an impossibility. What happened next surprised and encouraged us. Fans sent us e-mails, wrote articles on the net, expressing their disapointment, offering help, even pledging a word-of-mouth and internet campaign to help GoGirl! See print. And we’ve taken them up on it! Starting in August, and every four months after that, you can now follow the adventures of teen superheroine GoGirl! in crisp black and white with full-color covers. Here’s what Maggie Thompson had to say about GoGirl! in the Comics Buyer’s Guide: ” It’s clearly aimed at an audience for which not much has been available…: pre-teen girls. And it should entertain that audience well….ALL the female characters (including the villain) are strong and resourceful; …it’s a comic book that could attract readers that comics have largely lost. Try it on them.” GOGIRL! YOU’LL BELIEVE A GIRL CAN FLY! b&w, 32pg

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Author: Sean Glumace

Sean Glumace been a graphic and web designer, WordPress instructor, design teacher, comic book letterer and all around creative person for the past two decades.

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