Comic Book Covers by My Daughter’s 3rd Grade Class

I had the pleasure to teach a classroom of 3rd Graders (my daughter’s Mandarin immersion program) on how comic books are created during the Spring of 2015. I wanted them to be involved and created an assignment where they had to draw, ink and color a comic book cover. I showed cover samples covering the past 40 years of comics and included Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman and a few others. Some also wanted to use animals from their Chinese language assignments like the Panda which I allowed.

I covered the basics of design, composition, human form and then told them to pick their favorite hero of the group and recreate, or create a whole new cover. I gave them 2 weeks to turn in the assignment and then came back and did a critique of each of the covers. They all went above and beyond the call of duty and put the time in, and it really shows in some of the projects.

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Author: Sean Glumace

Sean Glumace been a graphic and web designer, WordPress instructor, design teacher, comic book letterer and all around creative person for the past two decades.

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