Application Week 1

Of all the technologies you use on a daily basis, pick the two you would not want to live without and explain why. Provide examples of how these technologies improve your life. How would your life change without these technologies?


Two technologies that I would not want to live without are email and my iPhone. These two technologies work together, and of the two, I could not live without my email account. Email is my primary form of communication in my personal and professional life. I’ve been using the same email address for over 20 years now, and without it I could not stay in contact with 90-95% of my friends, clients, and students. I average around 800 emails per day that I have to deal with (I get even more when you throw in ads and non priority emails). It is how I communicate with my students in class both online and on ground, and how the majority of professional work is sent to me. My iPhone supplements the email, first by allowing me to keep on top of the large amount of emails I get, and to do quicker correspondence with friends, family, and clients using texting, messaging, and Google Voice to track all my calls and voicemail. I have also realized that I no longer use a camera, but take all of my pictures using my iPhone. One of the major change if I did not have both of these technologies would be my communication and networking with friends and clients who are far away. Because of the tools on my phone like LinkedIn and Facebook I am able to keep these connections alive and up to date in an instant. If I had to use phone and paper there is no way I would be able to keep these relationships alive like I do now.


Next, reflect on this week’s required Learning Resources and share two insights you gained regarding technology and learning. What did you discover this week that you did not already know? Be sure to cite the Resources in your response.


Two insights that I gained regarding technology and learner while doing this weeks reading was that the first true commercial steam engine was developed by Thomas Newcomen in 1712 and how it impacted the industrial revolution (Bussell, 2006) and that the first large scale computer usage in education was in 1959, much earlier than I thought. One of the major points that I realized I do not think much about, and take for granted, is that all the tech we have now had to start somewhere. Reading through the learning resources this week gave me a better appreciation of how much effort goes into everything we have today.



Bussell, J. (2006). Technology. In M. Bevir (Ed.), Encyclopedia of governance, 953–956. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.

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